About Us

I’m Charlise Mendheim, owner and maker of Frillie Lillie soaps and bath products. Frillie Lillie is just one of my many creative expressions, the others being knitting, crocheting and sewing.

In 2005 I started the journey of living a more holistic and natural lifestyle and my first step was to stop relaxing my hair. However, it took a few years for me to realize that my skin is the largest organ of my body and I should be taking care of that first, since it’s porous and absorbs whatever I put on it. I initially started out by using natural butters and oils and what I thought was the best over the counter beauty bar for sensitive skin. What I didn’t know was, that beauty bar was full of detergents and chemicals that was actually drying my skin out instead of moisturizing it. Eventually I was introduced to natural soaps and have not looked back since. But being the self-proclaimed “Hobby Collector” I just had to figure out how my favorite soaps were made and if I could make them on my own. After many months of research, I made my first batch using a kit from Brambleberry and have not looked back since. Over time I’ve formulated my own recipes using only the highest quality organic oils, essential and phlalate free fragrance oils.

Our motto here at Frillie Lillie is “Love Your Skin” so please know as we continue creating, we will always bring you the best skin loving ingredients.

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